I heard my friends talking about a GFE arrangement. What does GFE stand for?

GFE is the acronym, or abbreviation, for the "Girlfriend Experience". This may seem a little odd at first, as "Girlfriend Experience" is only two words, not three. The reason is, that the acronym for "Girlfriend" is GF, so by adding the word Experience, "Girlfriend Experience" became know as GFE.


That much I gathered from the conversation. But my friends seemed to differ on the meaning of GFE. One thought it was something special, but the rest of my friends disagreed with him. So who is right?

Looking up GFE is how I found your site, by the way.

I hate to break it to you, but in their own way they are all right. The old definition of GFE, or the Girlfriend Experience, was escort sex with a little more. Historically, escorts have avoided kissing their customer as that was considered "too close" or personal. The Girlfriend Experience added "extras" like kissing, a bare blowjob or bareback sex.

The porn culture in general has changed drastically. 50 years ago pornography was only available in 8mm movies or poorly printed underground magazines. These were hush hush and treasured and traded. Today you could watch free porn in HD all day, if you have the internet bandwidth and don't have to work. Larry Flynt's Hustler Magazine, movies like "Debbie Does Dallas" and internet porn have brought about a great change in society's perception of sexuality. Today men are not dreaming about making a prostitute kiss them, but making one's girlfriend or wife perform what one has seen porn actors do on the internet. This has also brought about the fascination of actual hookups with real porn stars.

The old acts of the "Girlfriend Experience" are no longer special for a prostitute. They are frequently expected to perform much more intimate, deviant or unusual acts, so the term GFE no longer fits for these activities. The definition of the Girlfriend Experience has changed for those in the know. Today, the Girlfriend Experience is a lifestyle that most escorts dream of, but only few can reach. It is a luxury lifestyle of wealthy men, who can afford to buy anything they like. They buy youthful, beautiful women to spend time with them. Not for an hour, like for an engagement with a prostitute, but for days or weeks. This lifestyle is closely related to the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby (SD/SB) arrangements. These type of arrangement can cost a small fortune, but they are worth is to a select clientele. These people want to be seen in the company of beautiful young woman, a social escort. They want the attention, they want to feel young, and they want interaction with someone interesting. Sex will play a role, but is honestly only a limited factor when you consider how many hours the day has. A great Luxury Companion does not have sex all day, but she needs to be interesting 24/7, which is most likely what a wife or long term relationship no longer are. In those conventional relationships routine has set in.

Arrangements like the Girlfriend Experience or SD/SB have existed with the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Roman Empire and in the Middle Ages so they are nothing new. Power and Money will always be an attraction. Only the name of the game has changed...

Esquire Magazine published an independent piece on the Girlfriend Experience, which can be found at https://www.esquire.my/man-at-his-best/the-girlfriend-experience. I think it is the best piece of journalism I have seen on the matter, as far as it pertains to the current definition of the Girlfriend Experience.

Have a look at it, so you don't have to take my word on the matter. You will then be able to join your friend's conversation with new facts.

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